I would like to be… ABC Book

This ABC educational book proposal allows the child to learn the alphabet through 26 funny characters and their respective professions. Each character has a profession and an adjective that defines him/her, starting with the corresponding letter.

It consists of 26 pages with a character/profession on each page, plus 2 additional pages at the end of the book with the entire alphabet that will allow the child to find, remember and relate all the letters with their characters and professions.

Astronaut / Baker / Carpenter / Detective / Electrician / Firefighter / Gardener / Hairdresser / Illustrator / Journalist /

Karate-teacher / Lifeguard / Magician / Nurse / Opera Singer / Police / Quarterback / Radio Announcer / Scientist /

Taxi Driver / Ufologist / Veterinary / Waiter / X-Ray Technician / Youtuber / Zoologist


Part of a collection of ABC educational books. Available for production and sale of rights.



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